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Interview: The Situation of Left Communism Today

A three-part interview in Seoul, South Korea, with militants of a small Korean Marxist group, SaNoShin, which is becoming increasingly influenced by left communist theory.

[Francais] Communisme de Gauche et Trotskysme

PDF available for download.

Left Communism and Trotskyism: A Roundtable

PDF available for download.

Interview: Recent Class Struggles in the USA

What I would like to do here today, is to present two parts of an analysis of class struggle in the United States. The first part will be more historical and the second part will be about the developments of the last twenty years or so.

[Portuguese] Movimiento dos Trabalhadores Publicos da Area de Boston, 1981-82

MOVIMENTO DOS TRABALHADORES PUBLICOS DA AREA DE BOSTON,1981-82 Entrevista com Scott McGuire English     |     Portugues P. -Porque você não começa falando sobre o folheto que vccê distribuiu? R.-Eu infelizmente não tenho mais uma copia dele.Mas havia três pontos essenciais no folheto original que nós distribuimos.Como a coisa começou foi que eu […]

Interview: Class Struggle Beyond Unionism: Boston-Area Public Workers’ Ferment, 1981–82

I sat down my friend Scott McGuire in front of a tape recorder, and got him to tell me (again) the story of his involvement in the Boston public employees’ attempt to react to layoffs and cuts.