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Fictitious Capital and Contracted Social Reproduction Today; China and Permanent Revolution

Once again, capital requires, in order to survive as capital, a vast devalorization of all existing values, however great the destruction of human beings and means of production which that entails.

The Historical Moment That Produced Us: Global Revolution or Recomposition of Capital?

Our task must be to articulate the full implications of that positive power which lies beyond the disorientation of today. We must show where that potential surfaces in micro-ways in the struggles of the present.

Social Reproduction for Beginners: Bringing the Real World Back In

Marx’s materialism was no mere epistemological stance, but was in fact, as Engels later called it, “the germ of a new world outlook.”

Fictitious Capital, Real Retrogression

It is hardly a secret that the contemporary world is one of tremendous dislocation in which every advance of capital seems to entail, and require, a major retrogression of the human.

Production or Reproduction?: Against A Reductionist Reading of Capital

The following is a reply to the Aufheben Critique of Remaking of the American Working Class.

The Remaking of the American Working Class: The Restructuring of Global Capital and the Recomposition of Class Terrain

Any movement which henceforth wishes to be revolutionary is compelled to talk about production and social reproduction in a way that has never been done, with a few exceptions, since the time of Marx.