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Media: Loren Goldner on Stalin and Trotsky

Part Two of an ongoing NYC lecture and discussion series by left communist intellectual Loren Goldner.

Notes Towards a Critique of Maoism

Maoism was part of a broader movement in the 20th century, of what might be called “bourgeois revolutions with red flags.”

Review: “Revolution in the Air” by Max Elbaum

Without exactly setting out to do so, Max Elbaum in his book Revolution In The Air, has managed to demonstrate the existence of progress in human history, namely in the decline and disappearance of the grotesque Stalinist- Maoist- ‘Third World Marxist” and Marxist-Leninist groups and ideologies he presents.

Short History of the World Working-Class Movement from Lassalle to Neo-Liberalism: The Distorting Hegemony of the Unproductive Middle Classes

A kind of “thought experiment”, attempting to trace the career and impact of the “man of negation.”

Their Methodology and Ours

2002 Note: The following was the self-introduction of the sole issue of the journal Strategy, which appeared, and disappeared, in the spring of 1977, with little fanfare. Though I would write it rather differently today, I think its basic point–the difference between a Marxist conjunctural perspective and the typical left-wing politics of populist resentment–remains entirely valid. […]