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Globalization of Capital, Globalization of Struggle

Whatever else may happen from now on, a new historical period has opened up, and the decades in which the grinding post-1970’s crisis were borne in silence, or sporadic uprisings were defeated in isolation, are over.

The Sky Is Always Darkest Just Before the Dawn: Class Struggle in the U.S. from the 2008 Crash to the Eve Of the Occupations Movement

Since July of 2011, the mainstream media have been increasingly talking about a “double dip” “recession” in the U.S. But we can safely assert that for most working people, the “recession” has never ended, and is about to get worse.

From Cairo to Madison, The Old Mole Comes Up For An Early Spring

The past four decades of class warfare in which only one side, the capitalist class, was fighting—have come to an end.

Seattle: The First US Riot Against “Globalization”?

Despite all the elements of “uneven”, parochial or simply reactionary consciousness it may have contained, one has to characterize Seattle as a breakthrough.