The three texts published here are transcripts of talks given in New York City in summer 2013.

They focus on the German-Polish-Russian corridor in the years before, during and after the First World War. The boundaries in space and time are ultimately the Russian revolutions (March, November) of 1917 and the failed revolution in Germany in November 1918. They are aimed at a young generation awakening to radical politics and to the history of the radical left in the last epoch when world revolution seemed a palpable possibility. (see my short article on the centennial of 1917).

The themes presented are Luxemburg and Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky, and the German Revolution. They are available in separate links under those titles.

Lenin and Luxemburg (World Revolution for Beginners, Part I

Stalin and Trotsky (World Revolution for Beginners Part II)

The German Revolution (World Revolution for Beginners Part III)