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On the Current Situation in the U.S.

Loren Goldner Let’s begin with the purely electoral aspect of Trump’s victory in November. He lost the popular vote by 65 million to 62 million, but that didn’t matter because he won the archaic Electoral College by 304 to 227. The Electoral College was established in the late 18th century to ensure that small (mainly […]

Joshua Kurlantzick A Great Place to Have a War America in Laos and the Birth of a Military CIA

Book Review: Joshua Kurlantzick A Great Place to Have a War America in Laos and the Birth of a Military CIA New York, 2016 Loren Goldner by Loren Goldner Few people in America today know where the small (population 7 million) Asian country Laos is. Far fewer still knew in the 1960’s and early 1970’s, […]

David Bandurski Dragons in Diamond Village: Tales of Resistance in Urbanizing China

Book Review David Bandurski Dragons in Diamond Village: Tales of Resistance in Urbanizing China (Melvile House 2016) Loren Goldner In 2030, one billion Chinese will live in cities, two-thirds of the total population, or one of every eight people on the planet. At the time of the Chinese Revolution in 1949, 80% of the 400 […]

美 트럼프 집권의 계급적 문제와 전망 미국의 현 상황에 대해

美 트럼프 집권의 계급적 문제와 전망 미국의 현 상황에 대해 로렌 골드너(Loren Goldner) 2017.03.02 20:57 [편집자 주] 미국 진보성향의 웹진 <반란자의 기록(Insurgent Notes)> 편집자 로렌 골드너가 <참세상>에 지난 미국 대선 이후의 미국 정세에 관한 글을 보내왔다. 트럼프 승리와 집권의 계급적 문제를 파헤친 그의 분석과 전망을 번역해 싣는다. 지난해 11월 미국 대선에서 트럼프가 거둔 승리의 순전히 […]


QUALCHE RIFLESSIONE SUGLI STATI UNITI Loren Goldner TANTO PER COMINCIARE, è bene precisare che l’elezione di Trump è avvenuta nono- stante, in novembre, il voto popolare si fosse espresso a suo svantaggio: 62 contro 65 mi- lioni di voti. La sua vittoria è stata resa possibile grazie all’antiquato Collegio Elettorale per 304 voti contro 227. […]

President Trump

(The following appeared as the editorial in Insurgent Notes No. 14, shortly after the November 2016 election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.) Donald Trump will be the next president. What was unthinkable has become all too real. We anticipated as much in the editorial in our last issue, which we […]


Ο Ντόναλντ Τραμπ θα είναι ο επόμενος πρόεδρος των Ηνωμένων Πολιτειών. Αυτό που φαινόταν αδιανόητο κατέστη εντελώς πραγματικό. Είναι ό,τι ακριβώς προβλέψαμε στο κύριο άρθρο του τελευταίου τεύχους του περιοδικού μας[1], το οποίο προτρέπουμε τους αναγνώστες μας να το διαβάσουν. Η Χίλαρυ Κλίντον κατόρθωσε να κερδίσει την λαϊκή ψήφο με διαφορά πλέον των 2 εκατομμυρίων […]

Trump président ?

Cet éditorial prémonitoire ( ) est paru dans la revue électronique marxiste américaine Insurgent Notes le 9 octobre 2016 donc un mois AVANT l’élection américaine. (Ni patrie ni frontières). * Trump président ? Cela pourrait arriver. Celui qui semblait, il y a encore un an, être un candidat risible apparaît aujourd’hui comme un gagnant plausible dans […]

Trump Presidente?

Da Insurgent Notes, No. 13, ottobre 2016 Issue 14 TRUMP PRESIDENTE? UNA SCENEGGIATA AMERICANA CON ANTEPRIMA ITALIANA L’articolo di Loren Goldner (di Insurgentes Notes) ci propone per gli Stati Uniti un interessante scenario poli- tico. Uno scenario che, in Italia, abbiamo già visto 25 anni fa, con la Lega di Bossi e con Forza Italia […]

President Trump?

(This article appeared as the editorial in Insurgent Notes No. 13, October 2016) Issue 14 President Trump? It just might happen. What seemed, a year ago, like a laughingstock candidacy is now a plausible winner in the wildest political year (and there is still the forthcoming “October surprise”) since 1968. No matter what happens, the […]

Review: Factory Man. How One Furniture Maker Battled Offshoring, Stayed Local—and Helped Save an American Town.

Book Review: Beth Macy. Factory Man. How One Furniture Maker Battled Offshoring, Stayed Local—and Helped Save an American Town. Little, Brown 2014.   Should I hate people for the shade of their skin Or the shape of their eyes or the shape I’m in. Should I hate ‘em for having our jobs today No I […]

U.S. Party Elites Hemorrage at the Edges

(This article appeared as the editorial of Insurgent Notes No. 12) ( U.S. Party Elites Hemorrhage at the Edges Insurgent Notes has no use for electoral politics per se. They are useful mainly to take the temperature of society, primarily with “our party”, the majority party of non-voters. But American party politics have been dominated […]

全球资本主义危机下的中国工人阶级: 革命性的群众罢工或新官僚主义的遏制政策

1949年由中国共产党所建立的政权并不是一种「国家资本主义」,更不是一个「工人国家」。如同苏联以及它在1945年之后的东欧附属国一样,这个政权是一个「朝向资本主义的过渡阶段」、一个「打着红旗的资产阶级革命」,是为了能够全面进入世界市场所作的准备,当情况允许或者需要的时候。这种从苏联移植过来的斯大林模式,包含了封闭的经济体、国有财产、技术官僚的规划、国家控制对外贸易与货币、以及对于农村人口(一开始占全国人口的百分之八十)往城市移动的严格控制。这些控制就如同「玩偶盒」(jack in the box)一样,目的在于压制资本主义价值规律的运作,既对外部的世界市场、亦对内部企业之间竞争的「无政府」状态;而这种企业竞争,如同在苏联一样,主要在地下经济中运作。浮现中的资产阶级就在国家官僚体制的「缝隙」中生存着。

Struggles in Logistics in Italy

Struggles in Logistics in Italy (The following sketch is based on conversations in October 2015 with militants in and around the small Italian union SI Cobas (Sindicato Interprofessionale/Comites di Base), which has carried out and won militant strikes over the past few years with mainly immigrant logistics and warehouse workers.) Loren Goldner December 2015 […]

The Chinese Working Class in the Global Capitalist Crisis: Revolutionary Mass Strike or a New Bureaucratic Containment?

Loren Goldner The Chinese Working Class in the Global Capitalist Crisis: Revolutionary Mass Strike or a New Bureaucratic Containment? Theses 1. The regime founded by the Chinese Communist Party in 1949 was not “state capitalism”, and still less a “workers’ state”. It was, like the Soviet Union and its post-1945 eastern European satraps, a “transition […]

[Deutsch] Die chinesische Arbeiterklasse in der Weltwirtschaftskrise: Revolutionäre Massenstreik oder die bureaukratische Integration?

Die chinesische Arbeiterklasse in der Weltwirtschaftskrise: Revolutionäre Massenstreik oder die bureaukratische Integration? Thesen zum Klassenkampf in China Loren Goldner 1. Das Regime, das die Kommunistische Partei Chinas 1949 gründete, war kein »Staatskapitalismus« und noch weniger ein »Arbeiterstaat«. Es war, ebenso wie die Sowjetunion und deren osteuropäische Statthalterstaaten nach 1945, ein »Übergang zum Kapitalismus«, »eine bürgerliche […]

De Chinese arbeidersklasse in de wereldwijde kapitalistische crisis: Revolutionaire Massastaking of een Nieuwe Bureaucratische Inkapseling?

door Loren Goldner Stellingen 1. Het regime dat in 1949 door de Chinese Communistische Partij in 1949 werd ingesteld, was geen ‘staatskapitalisme’, en nog minder een ‘arbeidersstaat. Het was, net als de Sovjet-Unie, en na 1945 haar Oost-Europese satellieten, een ‘overgang naar het kapitalisme’, een ‘burgerlijke revolutie met rode vlaggen’, een voorbereiding op volledige toetreding […]

Ferguson and After: Where Is This Movement Going?

Ferguson and After: Where Is This Movement Going? (This article was the editorial of Insurgent Notes No. 11, January 2015.) The movement that has erupted after non-indictments of the cop killers of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and of Eric Garner in New York City, one further fed by relentless continued police killings of black […]

Review: Chris Rhomberg, The Broken Table: The Detroit Newspaper Strike and the State of American Labor

For an academic work, this is a quite good, fact-packed but flawed book about one militant strike in the U.S., the Detroit newspaper strike of 1995-2000, which took place during a generally bleak decade for class struggle.

Review: Nick Turse. Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam

This book portrays more vividly than most the take-no-prisoners barbarism of which the American capitalist class and its military are capable.

The Agrarian Question in the Russian Revolution: From Material Community to Productivism, and Back

Buried under almost a century of ideology, the “Russian question”, the historical meaning of the defeat of the Russian revolution, is the question that will not go away.


Εισαγωγή: Γιατί ασχολούμαστε την σήμερον ημέραν με την Ισπανική Επανάσταση; «ο αναρχισμός και ο επαναστατικός συνδικαλισμός στερούνται γενικώς μιας ευρείας αντίληψης των προβλημάτων πολιτικού προσανατολισμού, χωρίς την οποία ακόμη και το πιο ισχυρό και το πιο ηρωικό επαναστατικό κύμα είναι καταδικασμένο σε αποτυχία». Χέλμουτ Ρέντιγκερ, AIT, «Κριτικό δοκίμιο για την ισπανική επανάσταση» (1940) 
Επί πολλά […]

ΣΗΜΕΙΩΣΕΙΣ Spanish Revolution Footnotes

ΣΗΜΕΙΩΣΕΙΣ 1    Helmut Rüdiger, Ensayo crítico sobre la revolución española. O Χέλμουτ Ρέντιγκερ ήταν Γερμανός αναρχοσυνδικαλιστής ο οποίος εσυνδέετο με την AIT (Διεθνής Σύνδεσμος Εργατών – Asociación Internacional de Trabajadores) και έδρασε στην Ισπανία από το 1933 έως το 1939. 2    Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista (Εργατικό Κόμμα Μαρξιστικής Ενοποίησης), το οποίο οι σταλινικοί και […]

Media: Loren Goldner on the German Revolution

Part Three of an ongoing NYC lecture and discussion series with left communist intellectual Loren Goldner.

Media: Loren Goldner on Stalin and Trotsky

Part Two of an ongoing NYC lecture and discussion series by left communist intellectual Loren Goldner.

Media: Loren Goldner on Lenin and Luxemburg

Part One of an ongoing NYC lecture and discussion series by left communist intellectual Loren Goldner.

[Espanol] La revolución española, pasado y futuro: Grandeza y miseria del anarquismo; cómo toma (o no) el relevo la clase obrera, entonces y ahora

La Revolución Española fue, a la luz de esta historia, la revolución social más rica y profunda del siglo XX.

The Spanish Revolution, Past and Future: Grandeur and Poverty of Anarchism; How the Working Class Takes Over (or Doesn’t), Then and Now

The Spanish Revolution was, in light of this history, the richest and deepest social revolution of the 20th century.

Review: “How British Industry Gave Up the Ghost” by Nicholas Comfort, and “Chavs” by Owen Jones

Putting these two books back-to-back, we arrive at a rather thorough picture of British working-class history since World War II, and particularly since the coming of Margaret Thatcher and the “neo-liberal” era in 1979.

Review: Cesar Chavez, the United Farm Workers, and the Question of Unions in Contemporary Capitalism

The movement had “two souls”, one increasingly focused on Chavez’s strategy of boycotts and outside political influence, the other growing from the rank-and-file militancy of the farm workers themselves.

마오주의 비판을 위한 노트

마오주의 비판을 위한 노트 독자들에게 알림 : 이 글은 서부해안에 있는 어떤 동지의 요청으로 쓰게 된 것이 다. 그는 2012년 8월 시애틀에서 열린 “모두에게 모든 것을” 컨퍼런스에 참여했 다. 거기에는 “연성 마오주의” 카사마(Kasama) 경향의 성원들이 다수 참가했다. 이 글은 마오주의 역사에 관한 핵심만을 담고 있으며, 온전한 “좌익 공산주의” 관 점을 도출하지는 않는다. 예민한 문제들도 빠져 […]

Notes pour une critique du maoisme

Maoïsme est une variante du stalinisme.[1]   La première phase de cette défaite, qui concerne Mao et la Chine, a eu lieu dans les années 1925–1927, au cours de laquelle la classe ouvrière chinoise petite mais très stratégiquement située a été plus en plus radicalisée dans une vague de grèves. Cette défaite a fermé la […]


  Tradução: José Carlos Mendonça   REFERENCIA: GOLDNER, Loren. Notes Towards a Critique of Maoism. Insurgent Notes N. 7, October 2012. Disponível em: Acesso em: 2 mai 2014. Cotejada com a versão disponível em: Acesso em: 2 mai 2014.   Nota ao leitor: O texto abaixo foi escrito a pedido de um camarada […]

[Italiano] Il capitale fittizio e la riproduzione sociale contratta oggi; la Cina e la rivoluzione permanente

Ancora una volta, come nel 1914, il capitale richiede, per poter sopravvivere come capitale, una vasta svalorizzazione di tutti i valori esistenti, nonostante la grande distruzione di esseri umani e mezzi di produzione che ciò comporta.

[Chinese] 当今的虚构资本、缩小的社会再生产、与中国


Fictitious Capital and Contracted Social Reproduction Today; China and Permanent Revolution

Once again, capital requires, in order to survive as capital, a vast devalorization of all existing values, however great the destruction of human beings and means of production which that entails.

[Korean] 마오주 의 비판을 위한 노트

PDF available for download.

Notes Towards a Critique of Maoism

Maoism was part of a broader movement in the 20th century, of what might be called “bourgeois revolutions with red flags.”

Review: “The October Revolution in Prospect and Retrospect” by John Marot

This is one of the few books published since 1991 on the “Russian question” that will compel people long wedded to different characterizations of the post-1917 or post-1929 Soviet regime to think through their commitments.

[Italiano] Globalizzazione del capitale, globalizzazione delle lotte

Qualsiasi altra cosa possa accadere da ora, un nuovo periodo storico si è aperto e i decenni nei quali le crisi nere post 1970 nacquero nel silenzio o le sporadiche sollevazioni furono sconfitte nell’isolamento sono finiti.

Globalization of Capital, Globalization of Struggle

Whatever else may happen from now on, a new historical period has opened up, and the decades in which the grinding post-1970’s crisis were borne in silence, or sporadic uprisings were defeated in isolation, are over.

[Espanol] Raza e Ilustración Segunda Parte: la Ilustración anglofrancesa y más allá

La invención occidental de la idea de raza durante el siglo XVII, a comienzos de la Ilustración, no supuso solo la degradación de los pueblos de color a los que se aplicó.

Media: Panel on Anti-Anti-Imperialism

Discussion of various contemporary struggles with imperialism.

[Deutsch] Klassenkampf in den USA seit dem Crash von 2008

Doch eines ist sicher: Für die meisten ArbeiterInnen in den USA hat die „Rezession“ nie geendet, und sie verschärft sich weiter.

[Cestina] Současný třídní boj v USA

Důvodem, proč je ona historická část velmi důležitá, je významnost rasové otázky při formování americké dělnické třídy.

The Sky Is Always Darkest Just Before the Dawn: Class Struggle in the U.S. from the 2008 Crash to the Eve Of the Occupations Movement

Since July of 2011, the mainstream media have been increasingly talking about a “double dip” “recession” in the U.S. But we can safely assert that for most working people, the “recession” has never ended, and is about to get worse.

[Korean] Toron-ul wihan Tejedul

PDF available for download.

Theses for Discussion

The following theses were circulated within the Insurgent Notes collective for discussion. They expand on the programmatic points sketched in brief a year ago.

[Espanol] Anti-capitalismo o anti-imperialismo? Fuentes autoritarias y fascistas de la epoca entreguerras de una ideología reaccionaria: El caso del MNR boliviano

Hay una historia en gran parte olvidada de populistas reaccionarios y de movimientos “anti-imperialistas” en el mundo subdesarrollado que son perfectamente capaces de mobilizar a la clase obrera para lograr sus objetivos.

Anti-Capitalism or Anti-Imperialism? Interwar Authoritarian and Fascist Sources of A Reactionary Ideology: The Case of the Bolivian MNR

There is a largely forgotten history of reactionary populist and “anti-imperialist” movements in the underdeveloped world, that do not shrink from mobilizing the working class to achieve their goals.

Le moment historique qui nous a produit

Le moment historique qui nous a produits   Révolution globale ou recomposition du capital ?   1789 1848 1871 1905 1917 1968 20??     Dispersion et regroupement dans l’histoire de la classe ouvrière à l’ère capitaliste   Les années 1917-1921 constituèrent le premier assaut mondial de la classe ouvrière révolutionnaire contre le capitalisme, avec un […]

Media: Loren Goldner, Oakland, September 2010

Writer and activist Loren Goldner contextualizes the current economic crisis and class struggles in a theory of capitalist development.

[Korean] ᅮ리를 만들어낸 역사적 수

혁명적 노동계급에 의한 자본주의에 대한 최초의 전 세계적인 공습은 독일과 러시아를 중심 으로 1917-1921년에 일어났다.

From Cairo to Madison, The Old Mole Comes Up For An Early Spring

The past four decades of class warfare in which only one side, the capitalist class, was fighting—have come to an end.

[Francais] Une visite à Madison

J’ai pu aller à Madison pour la manifestation de masse dans le mouvement de mobilisation contre les coups portés par le gouverneur Scott Walker aux syndicats des salariés du secteur public

Brief Report from a Brief Visit to Madison

I managed to get to Madison, Wisconsin, for a mass demonstration in the ongoing mobilization against Governor Scott Walker’s assault on public employee unions.

The Demise of Andy Stern and the Question of Unions in Contemporary Capitalism

The rise and recent fall of Andy Stern illustrates, as if through a glass darkly, that in this epoch there is nothing positive for the class as a whole to be achieved through the unions.

[Korean] <우리를 만들어낸 역사적 순간>

혁명적 노동계급에 의한 자본주의에 대한 최초의 전 세계적인 공습은 독일과 러시아를 중심

[Deutsch] Der historische Moment, der uns hervorgebracht hat

Die Insurgent Notes wollen diese Wiederaneignung vertiefen und sich an der theoretischen und praktischen Neuzusammensetzung für den nächsten – und hoffentlich letzten – globalen Angriff beteiligen.

The Historical Moment That Produced Us: Global Revolution or Recomposition of Capital?

Our task must be to articulate the full implications of that positive power which lies beyond the disorientation of today. We must show where that potential surfaces in micro-ways in the struggles of the present.

Media: Loren Goldner Interview about Ssangyong Motors Occupation

I spoke with Loren Goldner on Friday about the 77-day occupation of the Ssangyong automotive plant in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.

Global Leveraged Buyout or the “Longest Boom in Capitalist History”?: A Reply to Robert Fitch

Fitch’s “In Defense of Washington and Wall Street”, while making some good points about the unraveling of the world financial system, is seriously flawed.

“Socialism in One Country” Before Stalin, and the Origins of Reactionary “Anti-Imperialism”: The Case of Turkey, 1917-1925

We must re-examine a profoundly reactionary ideology by which any force, no matter how retrograde, that turns a gun against a Western power becomes “progressive” and worthy of “critical” or “military” support, or for the less subtle, simply “support”.

[Deutsch] Der Streik bei Ssangyong Motors in Südkorea endet mit einer Niederlage und heftiger Repression

Diese bedeutete für die 976 ArbeiterInnen, die die kleine Autofabrik am 22. Mai besetzt und sie gegen wiederholte, quasi-militärische Angriffe gehalten hatten, so viel wie eine vollständige Niederlage.

[Francais] La grève de Ssangyong Motors en Corée du Sud: défaite et dure répression.

C’est une défaite pour les 976 ouvriers qui ont pris le 22 mai cette petite usine automobile et l’ont tenue contre des assauts quasi militaires répétés : l’accord signé par le syndic de faillite Park Young-tae et le président de la section locale du syndicat Han Sang-kyun représente en effet une défaite quasi-totale.

[Turk] Güney Kore’de Ssangyong Motor grevi yoğun baskı altında yenilgi ile sona erdi

22 Mayıs’ta küçük otomobil fabrikasını ele geçiren ve fabrikayı sürekli tekrarlanan yarı-askeri saldırılara karşı savunan 976 işçi açısından, Ssangyong yöneticisi Park Young-tae ile yerel sendika başkanı Han Sang-kyun arasında imzalanan anlaşma, neredeyse tam bir yenilgiyi temsil ediyor.

[Russian] Забастовка на Ссангйонг Моторс в Южной Корее завершилась поражением и жесткими репрессиями

Для 976 рабочих, которые заняли небольшой автомобильный завод 22-ого мая и удерживали его от постоянных квази-милитаристских атак, соглашение подписанное представителем дирекции завода Парком Йонгом и местным президентом профсоюза Ханом Санг-Куном стало почти тотальным поражением.

Ssangyong Motors Strike in South Korea Ends in Defeat and Heavy Repression

For the 976 workers who seized the small auto plant on May 22 and held it against repeated quasi-military assault, the settlement represented a near-total defeat.

General Perspectives on the Capitalist Development State and Class Struggle in East Asia

A historical elaboration of the context in which a socialist and later specifically Marxist left arose in Japan, China and Korea.

Great Game II: From Tallinn to Seoul and Tokyo, by Way of Kiev, the Declining American Superpower Lashes Out on the Borders of Russia and China

The US is playing the Great Game II, as a strategy to keep the Eurasian powers off balance, and to preserve the ever-growing mass of nomad dollars from deflation and displacement.

[Roman] Conjunctura: capitalismul mondial de la căderea sistemului Bretton Woods

În august 1971, preşedintele de atunci al Statelor Unite, Nixon, dizolva în mod unilateral sistemul Bretton Woods, care, începînd cu 1944, reglementase ratele internaţionale de schimb valutar

Social Reproduction for Beginners: Bringing the Real World Back In

Marx’s materialism was no mere epistemological stance, but was in fact, as Engels later called it, “the germ of a new world outlook.”

[Chinese] 2008年金融海啸、全球资本主义70年代以来的慢性危机、及如何走出现状的思考


[Polski] Zmierzch systemu Światowy krach kapitalistyczny

PDF available for download.

[Italiano] L’Immensa “Sorpresa d’Ottobre”: Un Tonfo del Mondo Capitalista

Compagni, la storia ci ha offerto un’occasione che, se falliamo, non verrà più nel corso della nostra vita.

The Biggest ‘October Surprise’ Of All: A World Capitalist Crash

Comrades, history has offered us an opening which, if we fail, will not come again in our lifetimes.

[Italiano] La classe lavoratrice coreana: dagli scioperi di massa alla precarizzazione ed alla sconfitta, 1987-2007.

Le strutture burocratiche residue dei sindacati democratici radicali dei primi anni ’90 sono ora definiti in modo beffardo come organizzazioni corporative dell’elite della classe lavoratrice, e si verificano molte lotte e contrasti contro il capitale ma anche tra lavoratori a tempo indeterminato e lavoratori precari.

[Cestina] Dělnická třída v Koreji: od masové stávky k prekarizaci a ústupu (1987–2007)

Byrokratické pozůstatky radikálních demokratických odborů ze začátku 90. let jsou dnes zatracovanými korporativními organizacemi dělnické elity a mezi prekérní a stálou dělnickou třídou dochází k tolika bojům jako proti kapitálu samotnému.

[Francais] La classe ouvrière coréenne: de la grève de masse à la précarisation et au reflux, 1987-2007

Les vestiges bureaucratiques des syndicats démocratiques radicaux du début des années 90 ne sont plus aujourd’hui que des organisations corporatistes représentant cette élite de la classe ouvrière, et autant de luttes ont éclaté entre les travailleurs fixes et les travailleurs précarisés qu’entre l’ensemble des ouvriers et le capital lui-même.

The Korean Working Class: From Mass Strike to Casualization and Retreat, 1987-2008

The bureaucratic remnants of the radical democratic unions of the early 1990’s are today reviled corporative organizations of that working-class elite, and as many struggles take place between regular and casualized workers as against capital itself.

Media: Fictitious Capital and Today’s Global Crisis

A talk with Loren Goldner on the current capitalist crisis.

Interview: The Situation of Left Communism Today

A three-part interview in Seoul, South Korea, with militants of a small Korean Marxist group, SaNoShin, which is becoming increasingly influenced by left communist theory.

Media: KPFA’s “Guns and Butter”, 2007: Interview on “fictitious capital”

“Interview with independent writer and activist, Loren Goldner.

[Francais] Le Capital Fictif pour les Debutants: Imperialisme, “Anti-Imperialisme,” et Pertinence Actuelle de Rosa Luxembourg

Ce qui suit vise à démontrer que loin d’être un concept « économique » vague, le capital fictif nous entraîne directement vers les questions politiques essentielles d’aujourd’hui, et par-dessus tout vers celles que doit affronter la gauche internationale.

Fictitious Capital for Beginners: Imperialism, “Anti-Imperialism”, and the Continuing Relevance of Rosa Luxemburg

Far from being a remote “economic” concept, fictitious capital leads us straight to the central political questions of today, and above all those questions confronting the international left.

[Francais] Communisme de Gauche et Trotskysme

PDF available for download.

Left Communism and Trotskyism: A Roundtable

PDF available for download.

Max Eastman: One American Radical’s View of the “Bolshevization” of the American Revolutionary Movement and a Forgotten, and Unforgettable, Portrait of Trotsky

In spite of Eastman’s sharp turn to the right, he managed in the 1950’s and 1960’s to write two volumes of memoirs that still capture, without cynicism, the great hopes of his youth.

1973 Redux?: Continuity and Discontinuity in the Decline of Dollar-Centered World Accumulation

The world is still in the early phase of an inflationary blow-out centered on the indebted “U.S. consumer” as the “locomotive” of the world economy.

Clausewitz on the Pampas: An Argentine Snapshot as Latin America Moves Leftward

This article aims to bring the rich Argentine experience of strategy and tactics to an international audience, to hopefully stimulate further discussion of its strengths and weaknesses.

Fictitious Capital and the Transition Out of Capitalism

The following is a “thought experiment” which attempts to see fictitious capital in relation to the end of capitalism.

China in the Contemporary World Dynamic of Accumulation and Class Struggle: A Challenge for the Radical Left

China will emerge as a superpower or as “the” hegemon only through a bloody reshuffling of the capitalist deck, and not through the kind of “normal” development that achieved world hegemony for Britain after 1815.

Marx and Makhno Meet McDonalds

Over the last several years, a revolving network of militants in Paris, France, have developed a strategy and tactics for winning strikes by marginal, low-paid, outsourced and immigrant workers against international chains, in situations where the strikers are often ignored by unions to which they nominally belong, or are actually obstructed by them.

Review: Poder e Dinheiro, by Joao Bernardo

Joao Bernardo has to be one of the most prolific, and prodigious, radical theoreticians of the past 30 years, yet, because he writes in his native Portuguese and because very little of his work has been translated into English, he remains largely unknown in the world of Anglophone Marxism.

Review: Time, Labor and Social Domination, by Moishe Postone

Remaining in his lofty (but admittedly indispensable) realm of abstraction, seemingly oblivious to the concrete history of the “real movement that abolishes existing conditions” as the force which drives the evolution of its inverted form, capital, Postone only gets it half right

[Italiano] Gli USA e la crisi del dollaro

Per quanto possa suonare incredibile, fin dagli ultimi ’50 il mondo dell’economia ha avuto a che fare con una “patata bollente” rappresentata dalla quantità in continua crescita di “dollari nomadi” (dollari conservati fuori degli USA) la cui reale conversione in ricchezza tangibile avrebbe precipitato il mondo in un disastro deflativo

[Francais] La crise du dollar et Nous

Aussi incroyable que cela puisse paraître, même depuis la fin des années 50, l’économie mondiale a été ballottée autour de la patate chaude d’une masse toujours croissante de ” dollars nomades ” ( dollars détenus hors des USA) dont la conversion aujourd’hui en richesses tangibles plongerait le monde entier dans un crash déflationniste.

[Deutsch] Die Dollarkrise und die USA

So unglaublich es klingen mag, aber seit dem Ende der 50er Jahre dreht sich die Weltwirtschaft um eine stetig wachsende Masse nomadisierender Dollars (die außerhalb der USA gehalten werden) wie um eine heiße Kartoffel.

The “Dollar” Crisis, and Us

Incredible as it may sound, ever since the late 1950’s, the world economy has been tossing around a “hot potato” of an ever-increasing mass of “nomad dollars” (dollars held outside the U.S.) whose actual conversion into tangible wealth would plunge the world into a deflationary crash.

[Deutsch] Marx, Hegel, Ricardo: Die”verkehrte Welt” im Herzen der Kritik der Politischen Ökonomie

In den letzten vierzig Jahren ist es einfacher geworden, einen scharfen Trennungsstrich zu ziehen zwischen den Werttheorien von Ricardo und Marx wie auch zwischen der Ricardoschen Politischen Ökonomie und Marx’ Kritik der Politischen Ökonomie.

Marx, Hegel, Ricardo: The “Inverted World” In the Heart of the Critique of Political Economy

In the past forty years, it has become easier to draw a sharp line between Ricardo’s and Marx’s theory of value. and between Ricardo’s economics and Marx’s critique of political economy.

Review: “L’Histoire generale de ‘l’ultra-gauche'” by Christophe Bourseiller

Bourseiller’s book is the only one in existence, in any language, that attempts to treat the history of the ultra-left in its entirety.

Introduction to the Johnson-Forest Tendency and the Background to “Facing Reality”

What came to be known as the “Johnson-Forest tendency” of the Workers’ Party and the Socialist Workers’ Party in the U.S., was a tendency whose influence has rippled far beyond its original small forces within two American Trotskyist groups before, during and after World War II.

[Italiano] Note su un’altra sconfitta dei lavoratori negli U.S.A.

Le cronache degli organi di informazione sono state eclissate dal clamore degli oscar, ma domenica 29 febbraio, i lavoratori dei supermercati della California del Sud hanno votato a larga maggioranza , 86% , per sospendere il loro sciopero che durava da cinque mesi, accettando un contratto che equivale a una importante , se non totale, vittoria di una decisa offensiva padronale con implicazioni nazionali.

[Cestina] Poznámky k další porážce dělníků v USA: losangelská stávka v supermarketech, 2003-2004

Zatímco byla média posedlá předáváním Oscarů, které zastínilo další události, odhlasovala si v neděli 29. února (86procentní) většina zaměstnanců a zaměstnankyň supermarketů v jižní Kalifornii ukončení své pětiměsíční stávky.

[Deutsch] Ende des Streiks im Einzelhandel: Eine weitere Niederlage für die ArbeiterInnen in den USA

Die Medien berichteten am Sonntag, dem 29. Februar, aus Südkalifornien fast nur über die Oscar-Verleihung, aber am selben Tag stimmten dort die Beschäftigten im Einzelhandel zu 86 Prozent für den Abbruch ihres seit fünf Monaten laufenden Streiks und damit für die Annahme eines dreijährigen Tarifvertrags, der einen Durchbruch für die Arbeitgeber bedeutet.

[Francais] Notes sur une nouvelle défaite des travailleurs américains: A propos de la grève des supermarchés de Los Angeles (octobre 2003- février 2004)

La cérémonie de remise des oscars à Hollywood a attiré toute l’attention des médias, mais, le 29 février 2004, 86% des employés des supermarchés de Californie du Sud ont voté la fin d’une grève de cinq mois.

Notes on Another Defeat for Workers in the U.S: The Los Angeles Supermarket Strike of 2003-2004

Southern California supermarket workers voted 86% to end their five-month old strike, accepting a contract that amounts to a serious, if not total, victory for a determined employer offensive with national implications.

[Francais] Revue: “Revolution in the Air” de Max Elbaum

Involontairement, Elbaum dans son livre “Revolution in the air” réussit à démontrer l’existence d’un progrès dans l’histoire humaine, qu’il verrait dans le déclin et la disparition de l’absurde “Tiers-Monde-marxiste-stalinien -maoïste” ,des groupes marxistes-léninistes et des idéologies qu’ils véhiculaient.

[Russian] Ренессанс и рациональность: Статус Просвещения сегодня

Немногие среди современных западных левых проявляют большой энтузиазм в защите Просвещения как такового.

Review: “Revolution in the Air” by Max Elbaum

Without exactly setting out to do so, Max Elbaum in his book Revolution In The Air, has managed to demonstrate the existence of progress in human history, namely in the decline and disappearance of the grotesque Stalinist- Maoist- ‘Third World Marxist” and Marxist-Leninist groups and ideologies he presents.

[Cestina] USA: pouhá přestávka v krizi, nebo začátek nového boomu?

Fundamentální otázkou amerického kapitalismu je, aby po světě obíhala masa fiktivního kapitálu (nejbezprostředněji ztělesněná oněmi 2 bilióny dolarů vnějšího dluhu), která se utvářela celých těch 45 let dotované hegemonie dolaru, a umožnilo se tak zhodnocování tohoto kapitálu skrze extrakci adekvátního množství nadhodnoty.

[Italiano] Pausa nella crisi o inizio di un nuovo boom?

Il problema fondamentale per il capitalismo americano è la massa di capitale fittizio circolante globalmente (direttamente incorporata nei 2 trilioni di dollari di debito esterno) che si è costituita in 45 anni di egemonia del dollaro, rendendo possibile la valorizzazione di quel capitale con l’estrazione di un proporzionato ammontare di surplus.

Kommt ein neuer Boom oder legt die Krise nur eine Pause ein?

Das grundlegende Problem für den US-Kapitalismus besteht darin, die Masse an fiktivem Kapital (ziemlich eins zu eins verkörpert durch jene zwei Billionen Auslandsverschuldung) weltweit zirkulieren zu lassen, die sich über 45 Jahre subventionierte Vorherrschaft des Dollar aufgebaut haben.

[Francais] Une pause dans la crise ou l’amorce d’un nouveau boom économique?

Mais, on ne comprend plus rien alors au seul problème de l’économie et il est essentiel de regarder la “politique” dans la critique de l’économie politique pour tenter de voir jusqu’à quand les USA réussiront à faire payer au reste du monde leur déclin et leur crise.

Pause In The Crisis or Beginning of a New Boom?

The fundamental problem for U.S. capitalism is to globally circulate the mass of fictitious capital that has built up over 45 years of subsidized dollar hegemony, making possible that capital’s valorization by extracting an adequate amount of surplus value.

[Francais] Un “warfare state” keynésien vide de substance: L’évolution de la démocratie américaine d’hier à aujourd’hui

Conflits raciaux, expansion impériale et antagonismes de classe sont les trois éléments de la triade qui fonde la dynamique de l’histoire américaine.

A Hollowed-Out Keynesian Warfare State: American Democracy Today and Historically

A fundamental dynamic in American history involves the triad of race, imperial expansion, and class.

[Cestina] Současný třídní boj v USA

Rád bych zde dnes představil dvě části analýzy třídního boje ve Spojených státech. První část bude více historická a druhá bude o vývoji za posledních zhruba dvacet let.

Interview: Recent Class Struggles in the USA

What I would like to do here today, is to present two parts of an analysis of class struggle in the United States. The first part will be more historical and the second part will be about the developments of the last twenty years or so.

[Deutsch] Über fiktives Kapital (Gekürtzte Version)

Nur wenige Begriffe aus dem Dritten Band von Marx’ Kapital beschreiben die heutige Welt so treffend wie der vom „fiktiven Kapital“.

[Francais] Du Capital Fictif (Version Abrégée)

Dans le volume III du Capital de Marx, peu de concepts sont aussi pertinents pour le monde actuel que celui du “ capital fictif ”.

Once Again, on Fictitious Capital: Further Reply to Aufheben and Other Critics

Fictitious capital is the gap between total price and total value on a world scale.

Other Comrades’ Comments on the Aufheben Debate

The discussion between Loren Goldner and Aufheben is, in essence, about the role of fictitious capital in the crisis of capitalism but they disagree already about what fictitious capital actually is.

[Polksi] Europocentryzm, wielokulturowość czy kultura światowa?

O “lewicowej” odpowiedzi na współczesny upadek społecznyRóża Luksemburg XXI wieku, badając sytuację w Stanach Zjednoczonych w ciągu dziesięcioleci po 1973 r., stwierdzi powszechny spadek stopy życiowej co najmniej 80 proc. ludności o około 20 proc.

Review: Labirintos do Fascismo, by Joao Bernardo

The Portuguese Marxist and prolific writer Joao Bernardo remains virtually unknown in the Anglophone world, a situation hopefully to be remedied soon by an English translation of his three-volume masterpiece on the Middle Ages, Poder e Dinheiro.

[Francais] Critique de livre: Joe Hill, by Franklin Rosemont

En ces jours de guerre sans fin au Moyen Orient et de Kerry contre Bush et de la politique visible aux Etats-Unis réduits apparemment à une droite et à une extrême droite, ce livre nous donne une grande envie de prendre la porte et d’organiser la lutte.

[Italiano] Review: Joe Hill, by Franklin Rosemont

In questi giorni contrassegnati da una guerra senza fine in Medio Oriente, dal duello Kerry-Bush, in cui negli USA gli uomini politici sembrano ridursi a quelli di un partito di destra o di estrema destra e il libro fa venirvoglia di correre fuori di casa e organizzarsi.

[Deutsch] Buchbesprechung: Joe Hill, by Franklin Rosemont

Gerade in einer Zeit wie heute, da im Nahen Osten Krieg geführt wird und die »Politik« in den USA auf eine rechte und eine extrem rechte Partei beschränkt scheint, versetzt mich das Buch in eine Stimmung, daß ich aus der Tür rennen könnte und anfangen zu organisieren.

Review: Joe Hill, by Franklin Rosemont

In these days of war without end in the Middle East, and Kerry vs. Bush, and visible “politics” in the U.S. seemingly reduced to a right-wing party and a far-right party, the book gives me a high that makes me wants to run out the door and organize.

Production or Reproduction?: Against a Reductionist Reading of Capital In The Left Milieu, and Elsewhere

There will be expanded social reproduction in communism, focused once again on the “production for production’s sake”, not in the Ricardian sense of capitalist productivism but in the communist sense of creativity.

[Roman] Capital fictiv, regres real

PDF available for download.

[Italiano] Capitale Fittizio, Regressione Reale

PDF available for download.

Fictitious Capital, Real Retrogression

It is hardly a secret that the contemporary world is one of tremendous dislocation in which every advance of capital seems to entail, and require, a major retrogression of the human.

Production or Reproduction?: Against A Reductionist Reading of Capital

The following is a reply to the Aufheben Critique of Remaking of the American Working Class.

[Cestina] “ČELEM K REALITĚ” PO 45 LETECH: Kritický dialog s Jamesem/Leem/Chaulieuem

Na Čelem k realitě neshledávám nejzajímavější ani tak odpovědi, které nabízí, jako otázky, které klade. Tyto otázky se točí kolem dnešní úlohy revoluční marxistické strany.

Facing Reality 45 Years Later: Critical Dialogue with James/Lee/Chaulieu

What I find most interesting in Facing Realityis not so much the answers it offers as the questions it asks. Those questions revolve around the role of the revolutionary Marxist party today.

[Italiano] Crisi della liquidità internazionale e lotta fra le classi: Prima approssimazione

Nel momento in cui scrivo queste righe, fine ottobre 1998, l’ultima fase della crisi finanziaria mondiale sembra segnare una pausa.

[Francais] La Classe Ouvriere Americaine: Restructuration du capital global, Recomposition du terrain de classe

Tout mouvement qui souhaite désormais être révolutionnaire est obligé de parler de la production et de la reproduction sociale d’une manière qui n’a jamais été fait, à quelques exceptions près, depuis l’époque de Marx.

Preface to Swedish Edition of “Communism is the Material Human Community”

Since 1988, interest in the work of Amadeo Bordiga has only increased[1], and seems on its way to eclipsing (hopefully with happier results) the earlier 1960s/1970s fascination with Antonio Gramsci.


Οι ιδέες της εντυπωσιακής προσωπικότητας του Αμαντέο Μπορντίγκα κινήθηκαν, αναφορικά με το σύνολο σχεδόν της ευρωπαϊκής Αριστεράς, στο περιθώριο αυτής της συζήτησης.

[Svenska] Kommunismen är den materiella mänskliga gemenskapen: Amadeo Bordiga idag

I utkanterna av denna diskussion så fanns tankarna hos den fascinerande karaktären Amadeo Bordiga.

Review: “Poder e Dinheiro” by Joao Bernardo

Joao Bernardo has to be one of the most prolific, and prodigious, radical theoreticians of the past 30 years, yet, because he writes in his native Portuguese and because very little of his work has been translated into English, he remains largely unknown in the world of Anglophone Marxism.

Review: “Dreamer of the Day” by Kevin Coogan

Coogan’s excellent book, starting from an obscure American fascist figure who has little currency in the far-right of his own country, takes us into the whole world of the international fascist revival since 1945.

[Francais] Crise de la liquidité internationale et lutte des classes Première approximation

Au moment où j’écris ces lignes, fin octobre 1998, la dernière phase de la crise financière mondiale semble marquer une pause.

[Francais] Seattle: La Revolte US Contre la “Globalisation”?

Toutefois, malgré tous ces éléments de conscience “ inégale “, d’esprit de clocher ou simplement réactionnaires qu’il a pu révéler, on doit caractériser l’événement de Seattle comme une percée.

Seattle: The First US Riot Against “Globalization”?

Despite all the elements of “uneven”, parochial or simply reactionary consciousness it may have contained, one has to characterize Seattle as a breakthrough.

“A Thousand Triumphant Ubus” by Alain Tizon and François Lonchampt

The following is a translation of Chapter One of Alain Tizon and François Longchampt’s Votre Révolution nest pas la mienne.

“Total Capital” Rigor and International Liquidity: A Reply to Robert Brenner

Without any distinction between productive and unproductive labor, and without a serious look at the social reproduction of labor power, and without an awareness of how the vast inflow of foreign capital into the U.S. stock market skews figures for “American” firms, what can figures on “profits” mean?

Presentation / Critique of Eamonn Fingleton’s “In Praise of Hard Industries”

Our experience over the past three decades in the U.S. has been conditioned and distorted by de-industrialization and the supposed triumph of the “post-industrial” “New Paradigm” economy associated with the computer, the Internet, e-commerce and so forth.

[Italiano] Razza e Illuminismo Parte II: L’Illuminismo anglo-francesee oltre

’invenzione occidentale dell’idea di razza nel XVII secolo, all’inizio L dell’illuminismo, non fu semplicemente uno svilimento dei popoli di colore a cui essa veniva applicata. Tale svilimento fu preceduto, e accompagnato, da un analogo svilimento della concezione dell’uomo all’interno della cultura occidentale stessa.

International Liquidity and Class Struggle: A First Approximation

I am writing this in late October 1998 in what seems to be a pause in the latest phase of the world financial crisis.

[Greek] Επαναστατικοί τερμίτες στο Φαρινταμπάντ: Ένα προλεταριακό ρεύμα στην Ινδία αντιμετωπίζει τον τριτοκοσμικό κρατισμό

Το άρθρο προέκυψε από μια διαμονή τεσσάρων εβδομάδων στην Ινδία το φθινόπωρο του 1997.

Revolutionary “Termites” in Faridabad: A Proletarian Current In India Confronts Third Worldist Statism

Kamunist Kranti stands out as one of the few, if not the only ultra-left current with a genuine, years-long working-class presence, not merely in the Third World, but in the world, period.

Race et Lumières (2): Des Lumières anglo-françaises et au-delà

(Cet article est paru dans la revue Race Traitor n° 10, en 1998.) «L’animal s’identifie directement avec son activité vitale. Il ne se distingue pas d’elle. Il est cette activité. L’homme fait de son activité vitale elle-même l’objet de sa volonté et de sa conscience. Il a une activité vitale consciente. Ce n’est pas une […]

Race and the Enlightenment, Pt. II: The Anglo-French Enlightenment and Beyond

The Western invention of the idea of race in the 17th century, at the beginning of the Enlightenment, was not merely a degradation of the peoples of color to whom it was applied. Such a degradation had to be preceded, and accompanied, by a comparable degradation of the view of man within Western culture itself.

The Anti-Colonial Movement in Vietnam

Ngo Van’s book is unique, as his life has been unique; his book is the first full account of the anti-colonial movement in Vietnam from 1920 to 1945, by someone who lived much of that period as a Trotskyist militant.

Le concept de race et le siècle des Lumières. De l’antisémitisme à la suprématie des Blancs 1492-1676

Première partie: Avant les Lumières: l’Espagne, les Juifs et les Indiens[1]   On ne reconnaît pas souvent que le concept de race était inexistant avant les XVIlème et XVIllème siècles, période connue dans l’histoire occidentale sous le nom de siècle des Lumières.   On admet encore moins souvent que ce concept de race, apparu durant […]

[Turkish] Komünist Manifesto’dan 150 Yıl Sonra

Komünizm, ne bir dünya reformcusunun kafasından çıkmış bir doktirn ne de siyasi bir örgütlenmedir. Marx’ın Manifesto’da söylediği gibi, komünizm “gözlerimizin önünde gelişen gerçek harekettir”.

[Czech] 150 let po KomunistickŽm manifestu

KOMUNISMUS NEN’ ANI DOKTR’NOUpocházej’c’ z hlavy nějakŽho spasitele světa ani politickou organizac’. Je to, jak Marx řekl v Manifestu, “reálnŽ hnut’ odv’jej’c’ se před naûima očima.”

150 Years After the Communist Manifesto

Communism is neither a doctrine sprung from the head of a world reformer, nor a political organization; it is, as Marx said in the Manifesto, “the real movement unfolding before our eyes”.

[Francais] Le concept de race et le siècle des Lumières De l’antisémitisme à la suprématie des Blancs 1492-1676 Première partie: Avant les Lumières: l’Espagne, les Juifs et les Indiens

On ne reconnaît pas souvent que le concept de race était inexistant avant les XVIlème et XVIllème siècles, période connue dans l’histoire occidentale sous le nom de siècle des Lumières.

Race and the Enlightenment Part I: From Anti-Semitism to White Supremacy, 1492-1676

It is not often recognized that, prior to the 17th and 18th centuries, the period which Western history calls the Enlightenment, the concept of race did not exist.

[Espanol] La lucha de clases en la Baja Andalucia (Provincia de Cadiz) 1995-1996

La lucha de clases en la Baja Andalucia (Provincia de Cadiz) 1995-1996  Loren Goldner English     |     Francais     |     Espanol Trato en este art’culo de algunos episodios de la lucha de clases en la Baja Andaluc’a, mas concretamente, en la provincia de C‡diz durante el pasado a–o. Aunque tengan rasgos regionales espec’ficos, […]

[Francais] Lutte de Classe dans la Capitale Europeenne du Chomage: La Basse-Andalousie 1995-1996

LUTTE DE CLASSE DANS LA CAPITALE EUROPEENNE DU CHOMAGE: LA BASSE-ANDALOUSIE 1995-1996 Loren Goldner English     |     Francais     |     Espanol (Precis: Chantiers navals, Jisa, Puleva: trois grèves en Andalousie, la région européenne qui connaît le plus fort de chomage, après avoir été longtemps une terre d’émigration Comme dans le cadreplus général de […]

Class Struggle in the Unemployment Capital of Europe: Lower Andalucia, 1995-96

Although these struggles have specific regional characteristics, they actually fit a national and, above all, international pattern.

Renaissance et rationalité: le statut des Lumières aujourd’hui

«Dans le mouvement de Böhme[1] à Bacon[2], il y a un grand pas en avant dans la précision et un aussi grand pas en arrière dans la sensibilité.» G.F.W. Hegel, Leçons sur l’histoire de la philosophie La gauche occidentale actuelle défend rarement avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme les Lumières. Et pour cause: leur héritage social est en […]

The Online World Is Also On Fire: How the Sixties Marginalized Literature in American Culture (and Why Literature Mainly Deserved It)

The Online World Is Also On Fire: How the Sixties Marginalized Literature in American Culture (and Why Literature Mainly Deserved It) Loren Goldner The real “sixties”, of course, (at least for white middle-class American youth) started in approximately 1964 with the Berkeley student revolt and, following hard on that, with the appearance of the hippie […]

[Italiano] Renascimiento e Razionalita

PDF available for download.

The Renaissance and Rationality: The Status of the Enlightenment Today

However unpalatable it may be to do so in the contemporary climate, where the Enlightenment project is everywhere under attack by Nietzscheans, “cultural studies” ideologues, Christian, Jewish and Muslim fundamentalists, Foucaultians, Afrocentrists and (most) ecologists, it is necessary to discuss the limits of the Enlightenment in order to defend it, and to go beyond it.

Les nazis et la «déconstruction»: Comment Jean-Pierre Faye démolit Derrida

Jean-Pierre Faye est, le plus souvent, resté en marge des modes intellectuelles parisiennes – attitude qui est plutôt à mettre à son actif. En 1972, son volumineux ouvrage sur les Langages totalitaires (dernière édition, 771 pages, Editions Hermann, 2004) est paru dans un climat fort peu réceptif. Ce travail tentait d’opérer l’exégèse des concepts clés […]

[Portuguese] Movimiento dos Trabalhadores Publicos da Area de Boston, 1981-82

MOVIMENTO DOS TRABALHADORES PUBLICOS DA AREA DE BOSTON,1981-82 Entrevista com Scott McGuire English     |     Portugues P. -Porque você não começa falando sobre o folheto que vccê distribuiu? R.-Eu infelizmente não tenho mais uma copia dele.Mas havia três pontos essenciais no folheto original que nós distribuimos.Como a coisa começou foi que eu […]

[Espanol] Multiculturalismo o Cultura Mundial?: Acerca de una respuesta de «izquierda» ante la descomposición social contemporánea

¿MULTICULTURALISMO O CULTURA MUNDIAL? Acerca de una respuesta de «izquierda» ante la descomposición social contemporánea Loren Goldner English     |     Français     |     Italiano     |     Polski     |     Español (Nota de agosto de 2000: El siguiente artículo fue redactado en 1991 y se publicó en 1993, en formato un tanto […]

[Italiano] Multiculturalismo o cultura mondiale?: Su una risposta di “sinistra” all’attuale declino sociale

Multiculturalismo o cultura mondiale? Su una risposta di “sinistra” all’attuale declino sociale. di Loren Goldner (1991) English     |     Français     |     Italiano     |     Polski     |     Español Nota (agosto 2000): L’articolo che segue fu scritto nel 1991 e pubblicato in forma un po’ ridotta in Controcorrente, nel 1993. Il nuovo clima seguito ad […]

[Francais] Multiculturalisme ou culture mondiale?: Sur une réponse de “gauche” au déclin social actuel

Multiculturalisme ou culture mondiale ? Sur une réponse de “gauche” au déclin social actuel par Loren Goldner English     |     Français     |     Italiano     |     Polski     |     Español Note (août 2000): L’article suivant a été écrit en 1991, et publié sous une forme un peu réduite dans Contre le courant, en […]

[Italiano] Nazismo e decostruzione

PDF available for download.

[Deutsch] Die Nazis und die Dekonstruktion: Jean-Pierre Fayes Abriß von Derrida

Die Nazis und die Dekonstruktion: Jean-Pierre Fayes Abriß von Derrida Loren Goldner, 1993 English     |     Italiano     |     Deutsch Großteils blieb Jean-Pierre Faye, und das gereicht ihm zur Ehre, am Rande der Pariser Mode. Der Vorgängerband des hier besprochenen Werks, der Wälzer Langages totalitaires[dt.: Totalitäre Sprachen] traf in seinem Erscheinungsjahr 1972 auf ein Klima, […]

The Nazis and Deconstruction: Jean-Pierre Faye’s Demolition of Derrida

Sections of French and, more recently, American academic discourse in the “human sciences” have been dominated for decades by a terminology originating not in Heidegger but first of all in the writings of Nazis.

Interview: Class Struggle Beyond Unionism: Boston-Area Public Workers’ Ferment, 1981–82

I sat down my friend Scott McGuire in front of a tape recorder, and got him to tell me (again) the story of his involvement in the Boston public employees’ attempt to react to layoffs and cuts.

[Espanol] De la dominación formal del capital a la dominación real

Loren Goldner y Raúl García Durán Poco podíamos pensar en este artículo hace 15 años, cuando la transición dependía del reconocimiento o no del PCE, y cuando el replanteamiento teórico que significaron las luchas de los 60 planteaba a buena parte de la izquierda, como principal tarea, la crítica al funcionamiento burocrático heredado del estalinismo. […]

[Espanol] Del regeneracionismo a los Pactos de la Moncloa

Loren Goldner y Raúl García Durán Este artículo es la segunda parte del publicado en el número anterior. Puede ser leído independientemente pero es como concreción, ejemplo, del anterior como adquiere su valor. En resumen, para el lector que conozca la primera parte: fuerza de la socialdemocracia viene desu adaptación, correspondencia, con el paso de […]

[Deutsch] Marxismus und die Kritik der Wissenschaftsideologie

Wir sind allzu gut vertraut mit einer Welt, in der die geradlinige Anwendung von Mikro-Rationalität sehr gut mit Makro-Barbarei zusammenpasst.

Marxism and the Critique of Scientific Ideology

We know all too well a world in which the linear application of micro-rationality is quite compatible with macro-barbarism.

Communisme is de materiële menselijke gemeenschap: Amadeo Bordiga in onze tijd

Voorwoord tot de Zweedse editie (2002) van Communisme is de materiële menselijke gemeenschap: Amadeo Bordiga in onze tijd De kern van de onderstaande tekst is geschreven in 1988, nog voor de instorting van het Sovjetblok, en is daarna licht aangepast voor de eerste Engelse publicatie (1991) om te zorgen dat notie gegeven werd van de […]

[Portugues] O Comunismo e a Comunidade Humana Material: Amadeo Bordiga Hoje

Bordiga foi o último revolucionário ocidental a dizer na cara de Stálin que ele havia sido o coveiro da revolução e viver para contar a história.

[Korean] 물질적인인간공동체를 향하여: 오늘날의아마데오보르디가


[Russian] КОММУНИЗМ – МАТЕРИАЛЬНОЕ СООБЩЕСТВО ЛЮДЕЙ: Амадео Бордига и современность

Бордига, первый генсек Компартии Италии (КПИ) и ее важнейший создатель, был последним революционером, сказавшим Сталину в лицо, что тот – могильщик революции (в 1926 г.), и уцелевший.

[Cestina] Komunismus jako materiální lidské společenství: Amadeo Bordiga dnes

Bordiga posledním západním revolucionářem, který vynadal Stalinovi do tváře (v roce 1926), že je hrobařem revoluce a přežil, aby tento příběh mohl vypravovat.

[Italiano] Il Comunismo è la Comunità Materiale Umana: Amadeo Bordiga Oggi

Bordiga fu l’ultimo rivoluzionano occidentale che definì Stalin ‘becchino della rivoluzione’ (1926) potendo poi vivere continuando a sostenere questa tesi.

[Francais] Le Communisme est la Cummunaute Humaine Materielle: Amadeo Bordiga et Notre Tempts

Bordiga fut en 1926, a’ Moscou, le dernier revolutionnaire occidental qui osa tenir tete à Staline en sa présence, le dénonca comme fossoyeur de la revolution, et put en outre en revenir vivant.

[Deutsch] Der Kommunismus ist die materielle menschliche Gemeinschaft: Amadeo Bordiga heute

Bordiga war der letzte westliche Revolutionär, der Stalin (1926) ins Gesicht sagte, er sei der Totengräber der Revolution, und das überlebte.

Communism is the Material Human Community: Amadeo Bordiga Today

Bordiga was the last Western revolutionary who told off Stalin to his face as the gravedigger of the revolution, and lived to tell the tale. He is one of the most original, brilliant and utterly neglected Marxists of the century.

Multi-Culturalism or World Culture?: On a “Left”-Wing Response to Contemporary Social Breakdown

A critique of the Eurocentric conservatives and of the multiculturalists from the vantage point of an emerging WORLD culture.

[Espanol] La posmodernidad topa con el FMI: el caso polaco

El movimiento obrero polaco abrió una brecha irreparable en la dominación totalitaria estalinista, no en nombre de Marx o de Rosa Luxemburgo, sino con la bendición del Papa, del gobierno estadounidense, del Fondo Monetario Internacional y de la escuela económica de Milton Friedman.

Post-Modernism Meets the IMF: The Case of Poland

The Polish workers’ movement opened an irreparable breach in Stalinist totalitarian rule, not in the name of Marx or Luxemburg, but with the blessings of the Pope, the U.S. government, the International Monetary Fund and the Friedmanite school of economics.

Review: Loft Living, by Sharon Zukin

Zukin may have written the first book connecting post-modernism to de-industrialization and economic austerity.

[Deutsch] Marx und Universalitaet

Die Frage nach der Bedeutung der Universalität, die von ihren Gegnern als “weiß/männlich” oder als “eurozentrisch´ oder als ªherrschender Diskurs´ angegriffen wird, steht heute im Mittelpunkt der ideologischen Debatte.

The Universality of Marx

The question of the status of universality, whether attacked by its opponents as “white male”, or “Eurocentric”, or a “master discourse”, is today at the center of the current ideological debate

American Primitive in Red, Black and White: Race and Class in the U.S.

In 1848 and 1968, when working- class upsurges exploded in Europe under the slogans of “socialism” and “communism”, American working-class containment in the Democratic Party was exploded by the race question. This is the key to the Americanization of Marxism.

Review: An Injury to All, by Kim Moody

Review: A Critique of Kim Moody’s An Injury to All by Loren Goldner (The following originally appeared as a book review in ‘z’ magazine, 1989) Kim Moody has written an important book, which should, and will, be read and discussed by anyone interested in the past, present and future of the modern American working class. […]

From National Bolshevism to Ecologism

There are few important currents in the history of the 20th century which are not influenced by an ideological oscillation between Marxian revolution and the ‘”conservative revolution” as it was conceived at the end of the nineteenth century.

Review: Trotsky, by Pierre Broue

An imposing biography of the “organizer of victory” of the October Revolution.

Review: The Aesthetic State, Josef Chytry

Twenty years ago, the problematic at the core of Josef Chytry’s The Aesthetic State occupied center stage.

Review: French Modern, by Paul Rabinow

At its most basic level, a history and analysis of the battle between two concepts of modern urbanism, which Rabinow characterizes as “tech no-cosmopolitanism” and “middling modernism.”

ΣΗΜΕΙΩΣΕΙΣShort History/ Footnotes (Greek)

ΣΗΜΕΙΩΣΕΙΣ Σύμφωνα με την πολιτική φιλοσοφία του Χέγκελ, το αυθεντικό κράτος αποτελεί πραγμάτωση του Ορθού Λόγου, δηλαδή της ελευθερίας. Ως τέτοιο το κράτος είναι η οργανωμένη καθολικότητα ενός λαού. Υπό καθεστώς συνταγματικής μοναρχίας ο μονάρχης προσωποποιεί την ηθική ορθολογικότητα του κράτους, εκφράζοντας την ενιαία βούληση του κράτους, το οποίο συναρθρώνει την λαϊκή κυριαρχία με την […]


Λόρεν Γκόλντνερ ΣΥΝΤΟΜΗ ΙΣΤΟΡΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΠΑΓΚΟΣΜΙΟΥ ΕΡΓΑΤΙΚΟΥ ΚΙΝΗΜΑΤΟΣ ΑΠΟ ΤΟΝ ΛΑΣΣΑΛ ΕΩΣ ΤΟΝ ΝΕΟΦΙΛΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΣΜΟ. Η ΠΑΡΑΜΟΡΦΩΤΙΚΗ ΗΓΕΜΟΝΙΑ ΤΗΣ ΑΝΤΙΠΑΡΑΓΩΓΙΚΗΣ ΜΕΣΑΙΑΣ ΤΑΞΗΣ Εισαγωγικό σημείωμα: Η κάτωθι εργασία είναι ένα είδος «νοητικού πειράματος» που επιχειρεί να ανιχνεύσει την σταδιοδρομία και την επίδραση του «ανθρώπου της άρνησης», τον οποίον ουσιαστικώς περιέγραψε θεωρητικώς ο Χέγκελ ως τον «Πρώσο μονάρχη» […]

[Espanol] Una Breve Historia del Movimiento Obrero Mundial desde Lassalle al Neoliberalismo: La Hegemonia Deformante de las Clases Medias Improductivas

El siguiente ensayo es una especie de «experimento intelectual» que trata de seguir la trayectoria y calibrar el impacto del «hombre de la negación».

[Cestina] Stručné dějiny světového hnutí dělnické třídy od Lassalla po neoliberalismus: Deformující hegemonie neproduktivních středních vrstev

Následující esej je jakýmsi ”myšlenkovým experimentem” pokoušejícím se vystopovat kariéru a dopad ”člověka negace.”

Short History of the World Working-Class Movement from Lassalle to Neo-Liberalism: The Distorting Hegemony of the Unproductive Middle Classes

A kind of “thought experiment”, attempting to trace the career and impact of the “man of negation.”

Review: Génération, by Hamon and Rotman

At the approach of the 20th anniversary of the longest wildcat general strike in history, the press, publishers, and the media in France have geared up for the ultimate in “la mode retro.”

Review: Restructuring the World Economy by Joyce Kolko

Kolko’s book is not so much “economics” as contemporary economic history, an attempt to explain the new realities that have emerged out of the present crisis.

Fictitious Capital and Crisis Theory: An Introduction

PDF available for download.

[Francais] La fusion afro-indiano-anabaptiste: Les sources du radicalisme américain

Je fais l’hypothèse que la clé permettant de comprendre l’essor et la chute de la tradition socialiste européenne continentale est la question agraire ; elle permet de comprendre aussi l’absence d’impact sérieux de cette tradition en Amerique, car l’agriculture américaine a toujours été capitaliste.

The Fusion of Anabaptist, Indian and African as the American Radical Tradition

The agrarian question is the key to the understanding of the rise and fall of the continental European socialist tradition, and that the failure of that tradition to make a serious impact in America is a reflection of the fact that American agriculture–with the important exception of the South prior to 1865–was always capitalist.

Review: Mutter Erde, Magie und Politik, by Gugenberger and Schweidlenka

There is a disconcerting link between certain currents of ecological politics in Germany, the “New Age” ideologies these currents espouse, and their explicit or implicit connection to the politics of the extreme right.

Review: Nietzsche, by Peter Bergmann

An effort to show the very real historical and political conjuncture in which Nietzsche became Nietzsche, a context all but forgotten and dismissed as trivial in most of the contemporary discussion.

Review: The Principle of Hope, by Ernst Bloch

The translation of Ernst Bloch’s major work Principle of Hope into English constitutes an event in its own right in the consolidation of a serious Marxist current in the English speaking world.

Review: Modernism as the Vanguard of a Consumer Aesthetic: Two Views

Part of a growing body of serious social histories of culture that address the issues raised by theory in the only terrain where they can be settled: the social, economic, political, and cultural totalities that throw them up in the first place.

[Korean] 1900-45년 미국에서 노동계급 정당의 미형성에 관하여

1900-45년  미국에서  노동계급  정당의  미형성에 관하여 Loren Goldner (우리의 임무는) …… 필연적으로 최근의 봉기를 낳았으며 동시에 그것을 패배로 이끈 원인들을 찾는  것, 몇몇 지도자들의 우연적인 노력, 재능, 개인적 결점, 과오, 또는 배신에서 찾는 것이 아니라 혁명적  선동에  영향을  받은  나라들  각각의  일반적인  사회  상황과  존재  조건에서  찾을  수  있는  원인들을  찾는  것이다.

On the Non-Formation of a Working-Class Political Party in the United States, 1900-1945

In the U.S., in contrast to all other major capitalist countries, capitalism made the transition to the intensive phase of accumulation without requiring the participation of a working-class political party in the state.

The Remaking of the American Working Class: The Restructuring of Global Capital and the Recomposition of Class Terrain

Any movement which henceforth wishes to be revolutionary is compelled to talk about production and social reproduction in a way that has never been done, with a few exceptions, since the time of Marx.

[Italiano] Storia e Realizzazione dell’Immaginazione Materiale

Il suo obiettivo fondamentale è provare l’esistenza di linee di correlazione tra “cultura” e “natura” e pone come possibile una teoria unitaria che le comprenda entrambe.

[Espanol] Historia y realización de la imaginación material

Su objetivo fundamental es cuestionar las fronteras actualmente existentes entre “cultura” y “naturaleza” y proponer una posible teoría unitaria que abarque a ambas.

History and Realization of the Material Imagination

Aims to question the currently existing lines between “culture” and “nature,” and to posit a possible unitary theory encompassing both.

Their Methodology and Ours

2002 Note: The following was the self-introduction of the sole issue of the journal Strategy, which appeared, and disappeared, in the spring of 1977, with little fanfare. Though I would write it rather differently today, I think its basic point–the difference between a Marxist conjunctural perspective and the typical left-wing politics of populist resentment–remains entirely valid. […]

Conjuncture: World Capitalism Since the Collapse of the Bretton Woods System

1971 was the closing act of a drama which began with the unilateral creation of the Breton Woods system by the U.S, in the closing phases of World War II.